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Hitchhiking is not illegal in the UK, although hitchhiking on motorways is against the law.  However, the British are very aware of personal safety and the risks involved in picking up hitchhikers.  This can result in a long wait for a lift.  You as a hitchhiker should also be mindful of the risks involved.  Here are some tips on safer hitching:

Travel with a friend: You are getting into a car with a stranger. You can't be too careful, especially if you're female, so it is recommended that you hitchhike in pairs. It may mean you're less likely to get picked up straight away, but at least you've put your safety first.

Tell someone: Inform them where you're going and an approximate time of returning. Carry a mobile telephone if you can and if possible make a note of the number plate of the vehicle and text it to someone you know. 

Keep your wits about you: Don't hitchhike if you have been drinking or anything else that has affected your physical or mental state.

If in doubt, turn it down: If a car pulls up and you don't like the look of the driver, or the way he/she behaves, then politely decline the offer of a lift. Trust your instincts. It is also a good idea to take a local map, just in case you are dropped off in an unfamiliar area.  You cannot be too cautious.

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