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Finding Accommodation


Herefordshire is a beautiful rural county with many of its residents having moved here from other parts of the UK and beyond.  Due to its popularity, accommodation can be expensive and hard to find.  Therefore it is important to consider if you are eligible to live in the UK and arrange where you will live before you leave your own country.

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Can you live in the UK?

This will depend on your immigration status.  It is essential that you check your status, as it may not qualify you to live here or for your right to housing assistance if required.  If you are currently outside the UK, you should contact your nearest British diplomatic post for detailed advice about your rights to living and housing in the UK. Contact details for all overseas posts are available from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office website.

If you are currently in Herefordshire, please contact the Council’s Homelessness Team on 01432 261600 for further advice.

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Types of Accommodation

There are several types of accommodation and housing available within Herefordshire.  Some of these may be expensive, so it is important to consider if you can afford to house yourself.  Listed below are the types of accommodation or housing that you could consider:

  • Hotels or Bed and Breakfasts – these can be expensive and would only ideally be suitable for short term stays.  If you are looking for this type of accommodation, you could visit for further information.
  • Buying a house or flat – please refer to the section on “Buying” at the top of this page.
  • Renting from a private landlord – these properties can be found within local newspapers, such as the Hereford Times, Admag and The Journal.  You can rent a flat or a house or a single room in a shared house.  Landlords normally require at least 1 month’s rent in advance with a 1 month deposit fee along with references.
  • Renting from a social landlord – these properties are cheaper than any of the above choices, however it is vital that you check your detailed rights to reside in the UK.  If you do not have the right to reside here, you will not be eligible for social housing (please see the section on Social & Affordable Housing for further information).  Please note that there are currently over 6,000 people on the waiting list, therefore this type of housing is in short supply and you may wait a very long time to be housed.
  • Living with your employer – Many local employers hire workers and provide accommodation.  It is important to check with your employer on the terms of your future rental agreement, because you could lose your home if you don’t stick to the terms of the agreement.

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