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Sexual Health

Sexual Health

By using a condom when you have sex you will prevent the transmission of most sexually transmitted infections and avoid becoming pregnant.  Condoms can be obtained free of charge from the Sexual Health Clinic at Gaol Street Health Clinic, Hereford, most GP surgeries and some Health Visitors.  Condoms are also widely available to buy from many shops and supermarkets, with discount priced condoms available from machines at most of the leisure centres in Herefordshire.

The Sexual Health Clinic can also provide emergency contraception (sometimes called the ‘morning after pill’), other forms of contraception and pregnancy tests. You can also go to the Clinic to be tested for sexually transmitted infections, and can be treated there if needed. The service is entirely free of charge, friendly and confidential. There are clinics most days of the week including some evenings. Please ring for an appointment on 01432 378915. If you are 18 years old or younger, you can also attend the clinic without having to make an appointment on Wednesdays from 2pm-5pm.

You can also get information about contraception and sexually transmitted diseases from the NHS Choices website:

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