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How to Register with a Dentist

How to Register with a Dentist

Access to NHS dentists is a national problem and is particularly difficult in a rural area like Herefordshire.  In the UK, dentists treat both NHS patients (who get most of their treatment free of charge) and private patients (who pay for their treatment).  Make sure that your dentist registers you as an NHS patient, unless you wish to be a private patient and therefore pay for all of your dental treatment.  When you see a dentist for a check-up, you will have to pay a small fee even if you are an NHS patient. 

To find a local dentist, telephone NHS Direct on 0845 46 47 or visit

If you have not registered with a dentist for NHS care and you are in pain and need to see a dentist urgently you should go to a Dental Access Centre (see below).  Interpretation services will be available if you need them – please tell staff you need it.
Ewyas Harold Dental Access Centre  01981 241 393
Gaol Street Clinic, Hereford   01432 378 920
Kington Court Health and Social Care Centre  01544 232 511
Ledbury Community Health and Care Centre   01531 637 615
Leominster Community Hospital   01568 614 211
Ross Road Health Centre, Hereford  01432 352 077
Ross on Wye Community Hospital   01989 561 114

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